A little about me

I was born and grew up in the UK and came back to my roots on the small but beautiful Mediterranean Island of Cyprus, where I now live with my family. I'm a busy, working mother of two, an English teacher by profession and a self taught jewellery maker - a passion that allows me to create and learn every day! 

All my jewellery is carefully crafted & completely handmade in my dzinebug studio with a great deal of patience and care and therefore no two pieces are exactly the same but unique! Everything I make is something I would happily wear myself :)

Designing and creating each individual piece is something I look forward to everyday. It gives me the opportunity to take a breath, step back away from a hectic and at times chaotic schedule. Being able to share my creations has definitely been a positive addition to my life <3
I enjoy working with sterling silver, gold filled metals and I love the natural look and feel of semi precious gemstones.
I create positive & symbolic pieces such as the well loved & popular Gratitude, Karma and Infinity collections.   
In addition to being beautiful & practical these 'symbols' are also gentle reminders of what is important in our lives.
I love the fact that I can offer unique and mindful jewellery to people from all over the world and I'm always amazed by the kindness of strangers  

If you have something specific in mind - such as a certain colour combination or something made to measure, I would be more than happy to have a chat and hopefully create a customised piece especially for you.